Route Optimization of Waste and Recycling Collections (2008-2009)

ROC staff team member, Kevin Callen, working for a prior employer, was the project manager and technical lead on the complete re-routing and collection schedule change for the City of Baltimore resulting in an over $6 milllion annual savings for their more than 200,000 households served. The City initiallly intended to only re-route its waste collection in order to realize savings and improve efficiency. Through an analysis of collection costs for six scenarios and presentations by the project manager to the mayor, City executive management, public works management, and union leaders, the project expanded to encompass a complete restructuring of their waste and recycling collection system. This entailed changing the frequency of collection for waste from twice to once weekly, increasing recycling from twice per month to weekly, changing working hours from six 8 hour days per week to four 10 hour days per week, creating balanced boundaries for their four operations districts, creating new and balanced collection days, and creating new and balanced routes/paths for all of their waste and recycling routes. The implemented routes resulted in a reduction of daily operationg collection vehicles from 91 to 64 trucks.