Collection Procurement and System Evaluation (2015-16)

ROC staff, working with SCS Engineers, analyzed collection system changes and devised procurement areas utilizing route optimization software. In order to facilitate decision-making and to define the most logistically efficient service areas to go out for bid, ROC first modeled the current collection efficiencies in both the City collected and contractor collected areas. From this baseline modeling, more efficient service areas were drafted for the City to expand its service areas without increasing its fleet size. Areas requiring City and rural collection were revised based on recent and forecatsed population growth. Additional services were assessed, such as full containerization and single stream recycling. Collection cost models were devloped to assist City managers in decsion making.

Collection System Evaluation, Re-routing and Technology Update (2005-08)

ROC staff, working for a prior employer, assisted Oklahoma City to implement automated routing technology to re-route the City’s residential routes. ROC staff lead the analysis of the City’s GIS database to prepare this data for use in a highly complex GIS-based commercial-off-the-shelf waste routing software. ROC staff reviewed and prepared the GIS customer database, analyzed set-out rates and set-out weights of the residential waste customers, utilized the algorthm to develop new collection days and new routes, validated the routes, and developed out puts for implementation (maps, travel directions, customer sequence reports, etc.). ROC staff team member, Kevin Callen, working for a prior employer, was the project manager and technical lead on the complete re-routing task for the City.