Multi-phased Waste Route Optimization Implementation (2011-13)

ROC staff, as a sub-contractor to SCS Engineering,utilized various route optimization applications and GIS software to re-route the 124,000 households of Virginia beach over a three phase multiple year implementation that followed the purchase cycle of new higher capacity collection trucks. The City has diverse waste collection issues spanning urban to rural neighborhoods, urban grid to suburban neighborhoods and farms, and 4 different vehicle types and varying capacities. Given the City’s purchasing schedule, new vehicles were replacing older vehicles with a limited capacity over three years, which required extensive re-routing without impacting collection days. The final phase, planned for 2014, will entail a final complete re-route and re-evaluatiopn of collection days. The number of vehicles utilized on a daily basis started at 39, then to 35, and is expected to be 32 in the final phase.