Waste Route Optimization and Route Updates (2008-2009)

ROC staff team member, Kevin Callen, working for a prior employer, was the project manager and technical lead on assisting the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA), based in Pensacola, Florida, with developing and implementing new routes to expand its service area and add a new weekly recycling service. ECUAprovides solid waste and yard waste collection to 80,000 households and businesses, but in 2008, extended its service area to include an additional 13,000 homes and added a new subscription-based curbside recycling program. The new routes were developed within a six week turnaround time, but the bigger challenge came during the initial implementation weeks for the “opt-in” recycling program. Exceeding expectations, the piblicityaround the new recycling program added 20,000 new customers within the first month, which required the project team to integrate the new customers and update the routes on a weekly basis until the customer base began to stabilize. In a separate project managed by the same person, route optimization software was used to analyze the collection cost impact on using a privately-owned transfer station versus a nearby landfill.