Routing Software Experts

Mr. Kevin Callen is the founder of Route Optimization Consultants LLC.  He has more than 20 years of management consulting and associated information technology implementation experience in municipal solid waste, public works and disaster response. He has evaluated, developed and implemented a wide array of routing software to support and improve logistics operations from commercial businesses to waste collection, disaster response, snow plowing, and meter reading.

Mr. Callen’s key accomplishments have included:

  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) routing software for large and small local governments and companies nationwide,
  • Analyzed cost savings, revised collection schedules and re-routed the City of Baltimore’s waste and recycling collection for a savings exceeding $6 million annually,
  • Developed the nationwide routing software for the Strategic National Stockpile, which became one of the first federal government applications utilizing cloud computing and with over 900 users (used for optimizing the distribution of medical supplies in the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster),
  • Developed a cloud-based Software as a Service routing software with over 80 users,
  • Developed software application for route performance tracking,
  • Patented and developed software for recycling cost savings analysis and waste services e-commerce, and
  • Evaluated and integrated applications with numerous global positioning systems/ automatic vehicle location (GPS/AVL), radio frequency identification (RFID), and onboard computing systems.
  • 20 years in environmental, waste and disaster response management consulting experience
  • 12 years of routing software development and implementation experience focusing on route optimization
  • Successfully performed and managed consulting engagements for over 50 organizations nationally
  • M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Natural Resources Development and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok
  • B.A. Economics, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Director of the CDC (for key assistance in H1N1 flu response)
  • Routing Software Evaluation & Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • GIS and Database Development
  • High Availability Cloud Computing
  • Systems Integration

He founded and was the former Chief Technology Officer of and C2Logix, where he managed the vehicle route optimization software development and professional services.

Mr. Callen has managed the utilization of GIS for providing logistical, spatial or cost analyses of waste and recycling management or facility siting at the following organizations: Calvert County, MD; Government of Guam; Hartford County, MD; Keep America Beautiful (nationwide); Nashville and Davidson County, TN; Prince George’s County, MD; and Queen Anne’s County, MD.

Award for Routing Software Implementation

Certificate of Appreciation, Director of the CDC (for key assistance in H1N1 flu response)

Key Experience Utilizing Routing Software

Mr. Callen has managed the implementation of GIS route optimization software and/or the optimization of routes at the following organizations:

Allied Waste Industries, LA
Atlantic County Utilities Authority, NJ
California Waste Solutions, CA
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (for over 200 public health agencies nationwide)
City of Anchorage, AK
City of Annapolis, MD
City of Baltimore, MD
City of Centennial, CO
City of Littleton, CO
City of Chattanooga, TN
City of Edmond, OK
City of Elyria, OH
City of Franklin, TN
City of Long Beach, CA
City of Madison, WI
City of Memphis, TN

City of Monroe, LA
City of Oklahoma City, OK
City of Ontario, CA
City of Pasadena, CA
City of Peoria, AZ
City of San Antonio, TX
City of San Francisco, CA
City of Stillwater, OK
City of Syracuse, NY
City of Timmins, ON
City of Virginia Beach, VA
City of Wilmington, DE
City of Wilmington, NC
CLM Sanitation, GA
Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, FL
Knight Waste Services, TX
Metropolitan District Commission, CT

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, TN
Miami-Dade County, FL
North Lincoln Sanitation, OR
Orlando Utilities Commission, FL
Portage County, OH
Pinnacle Waste, MD
Queen Anne’s County, MD
Recycle Ann Arbor, MI
Red River Services, TX (4 municipal contract areas)
Rehrig Pacific Logistics
Southern Oregon Sanitation, OR
Seven Townships in Southern NJ
Turtle Island Recycling, ON
United Site Services, CA
Ware Disposal, CA

Mr. Callen’s selected publications and public speaking engagements are provided below:

  • “Solid Waste Collection Routing Optimization: The City of Virginia Beach Story,” presented at SWANA’s WASTECON, Dallas, Texas (2014)
  • “Snow Plow Route Optimization in Centennial Colorado,” Western Snow & Ice Conference, Estes Park, Colorado (2012).
  • “RFID tagging and GPS accountability in Pasadena, California,” Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Recycling Committee Meeting, Washington, DC (2007).
  • “Waste Management Brokers,” Moderator, WASTEEXPO, Las Vegas, Nevada (2006).
  • “Issues With Transitioning to Automated,” Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) Collection Symposium (2005).
  • “Routing Software as a Tool for Change Management: Case Study of Knight Waste Services, Fort Worth, Texas,” WASTEEXPO, Dallas, Texas (2004).
  • “Using Routing Software for Analyzing Residential Collection Costs, Defining Procurement Areas and Routes” SWANA Collection Symposium, West Palm Beach, Florida (2004).
  • “Improving Collection Operations with Geographic Information Systems Route Optimization Software and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in a Medium Sized Municipality,” presented at SWANA’s WASTECON, St. Louis, Missouri (2003).
  • “The Role of Routing and Other Software for Improving Performance: Case Study of Nashville,” National Recycling Coalition’s Annual Congress (2003).
  • “Applications of Modeling Software for Collection Routing, Implementing Full Cost Accounting and Promoting Business Recycling,” WASTECON, Long Beach, California (2002).