Are you tired of manual routing with old, hard-to-read maps? Are you looking to optimize your waste collection route planning to save time, vehicle wear and fuel expenses? Our experts here at Route Optimization Consultants have over sixteen years’ experience with developing, evaluating and implementing route optimization software. We’ve helped over two and a half million customers increase the impact of their mobile data collection and GPS based route optimization software.

Do You Struggle with Route Planning Software Issues?

Waste collection requires a great deal of planning. It can become extremely confusing when you consider the hundreds of route optimization software products available today. Plus, a lot of companies find the accompanying training inadequate, or the software simply too difficult to use. This is where we can help you sort through the garbage, so to speak.

Residential, Municipal and Industrial Waste Removal

Advanced waste collection route-planners differentiate between routes for the collection of normal household waste and industrial waste. Residential waste is generally carried out on set days and times. Most modern cities will require that garbage gets removed once or twice a week. This means that operators need highly optimized routes and schedules to ensure their vehicles operate on the shortest routes in the fastest time.

Another important factor of residential waste removal is that most municipalities offer a dedicated collection service for items such as large batches of garden refuse or building rubble. This can be a paid or free service. Your route optimization software needs the capability to track the different vehicles required for each type of refuse.

For example, full-sized containers of building rubble are collected from one customer, emptied into a landfill site, and then either returned to the same customer or taken to the next one. Pickups, disposals, and deliveries should be planned and optimized via the software. The aim is to complete every job with as few vehicles as possible, in the shortest distance possible, while taking the least amount of time.

Municipal waste bins are usually scattered across entire areas, on street corners and in parks, etc. and need to be factored into the removal route. We can advise on solutions to empty the bins at fixed intervals or when inbuilt sensors signal to the software that the bins are full.

Industrial waste, on the other hand, has both fixed and random removal times. Routes for removal of industrial waste have fewer locations to stop at than those for residential removal. Your software needs to offer a combination of recurring new tasks. It should also ensure truck capacities are not over or underused, and time schedules are adhered to.

Add Route Optimization Consultants to Your Team

Our team of consultants can help you sift through the various routing applications and advise on the development of optimized routes. We operate all the best and most popular routing applications available today. Get in touch today and get all the help you need with your waste collection route planning.