Vendor Neutral Route Optimization Software Consultants

Route Optimization Consultants LLC is a vendor-neutral consulting firm with experts having more than 16 years of experience in developing, evaluating and implementing route optimization software and route planning software.

Our staff have managed over 60 route optimization software implementation projects that serviced more than 2.5 million customers for waste collection route optimization, street sweeping and snow plow routing.

We have experience in utilizing a multitude of technologies to compliment the route optimization software implementation, including online mapping, mobile data collection, GPS/AVL, and RFID.

Our experience covers all types of routing: high density routing (waste collection, postal deliveries, snow plow routing, newspaper deliveries, meter reading), point-to-point routing (collections, deliveries and sales forces with less than 200 stops per route per day), and paired routing (para-transit, armored car and similar).

Software for Route Planning

Route Optimization Software Can Reap Great Savings, But There is Risk

We can help your organization identify your business requirements and how your needs will fit with the available products on the market today. There are over 200 route optimization software products available. Finding the correct routing software for your organization is not a simple task. Further, it is common for the route optimization software implementation to fail. The product is too hard to use. Staff were not properly trained. The wrong staff were assigned. The route optimization algorithm could not solve the routing problem. Having developed route optimization software, the experts at Route Optimization Consultants have unique expertise in understanding the true strengths and weaknesses of routing products. We can cut through the sales hype and help your organization find the most cost-effective and practical routing software to vastly increase the success rate of your implementation.


Easily more than 50% of software projects never get used after the initial implementation.  ROC’s refined methodology ensures project success by addressing the critical needs.

It's NOT About the Technology

Its about the PEOPLE!  Focus on the business processes to improve before even considering buying software.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Data quality is the 2nd reason for failure.  Ensure your customer data, logs and other performance data is fairly accurate.

Stakeholder Participation

Absolutely critical!  Involve upper management, unions, IT, and especially get the crews to be involved in every step.

Right Person for the Right Job

Many assign the route supervisors to manage the implementation.  They may struggle with the advanced technology and need enough time to really learn it.

Don't Sweat the Little Stuff

Dealing with large customer databases with a few dubious records, it is better to note them for later versus trying to fix every little problem.  Perfection kills progress.

Systems Integration

You need frequently updated data, which means you must integrate the systems with GIS, ERP, work orders, CRM, billing, etc. Plan for this well in advance.


Tried doing it manually and now out of time?

Bought that software 6 months ago and are nowhere close to completed?

In as little as 2 days, we can complete your project. At your office, we will conduct workshops and utilize other technologies, as needed, to expedite your implementation. A recent client remarked, “We got more done this morning than we did the past 4 months.”

Route Optimization Planning
Routing Softwares


Route Development Services

  • Customer Database Cleaning and Geocoding.
  • Infield Customer Database Audit.
  • Route Performance Audit.
  • Development of Optimized Routes.
  • Schedule or Service Day Evaluation.
  • Cost Analysis
  • Route Implementation Planning

Route Development Services

  • Route Optimization Software Needs Assessment
  • Route Optimization Software Product Review
  • Route Optimization Software Implementation Assistance
  • System Integration
  • User Training
  • Crew/Operator Training

One of the Most Experienced Worldwide in Route Optimization

Vehicle Routing Optimization


Do you sell vehicle route optimization software or mobile workforce management solutions?

We do not sell software.  ROC is the a boutique systems integrator and technology management firm that specializes in evaluating, procuring, developing and implementing route optimization and mobile workforce management software.  We fill the void of organizations that want to develop or implement the technologies, but can only find assistance from the actual software vendors.  Vendors are focused on selling their software and not solely focused on implementing the right solution for your needs.

Can you develop the routes for us or do we need to first buy software?

You do not need to buy software.  ROC is able to lease the software on a limited term basis.

Can you help us buy routing software?

Yes, we have assisted small companies and large cities in all facets of the software purchase process: business process optimization, evaluation of vendors, RFP procurement management, data set-up, baseline performance assessment, schedule changes, route development, systems integration, performance monitoring and training.

How long does it take to develop the new routes?

A project can take anywhere from a couple of days to a year.  ROC offers an Expedited Routing Service for those on a tight timeline, which shortens the timeline to weeks.

Do you represent any routing software vendors or get commissions?

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