Route Optimization Consultants

Route Optimization Consultants LLC (ROC) is a specialist consulting firm in the field of route optimization. Our experts have more than 13 years of experience in developing, evaluating and implementing route optimization software. Our staff have managed over 50 route optimization software implementation projects that service more than 2.5 million customers for waste vehicle route optimization, street sweeping and snow plow routing. Our staff have developed the nationwide disaster response logistics software for the Strategic National Stockpile with more than 800 users nationwide. We have experience in utilizing a multitude of technologies to compliment route optimization software implementations, including online mapping, mobile data collection, GPS/AVL, and RFID. Our experience covers all types of routing: high density routing (waste collection, postal deliveries, snow plow routing, newspaper deliveries, meter reading), point-to-point routing (collections, deliveries and sales forces with less than 200 stops per route per day), and paired routing (para-transit, armored car and similar).

Routing Consulting Services

Our services are defined in two streams: route development and software implementation.

Route Development Service

  • Customer Database Cleaning and Geocoding
  • Infield Customer Database Audit
  • Route Performance Audit
  • Development of Optimized Routes
  • Schedule or Service Day Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Route Implementation Planning

Routing Software Implementation Services

  • Route Optimization Software Needs Assessment
  • Route Optimization Software Product Review
  • Route Optimization Software Implementation Assistance
  • System Integration
  • User Training
  • Crew/Operator Training