If you’re frustrated with manually routing your teams and trucks, and need a something to get your routes optimized, there are a lot of garbage route software on offer. At Route Optimization Consultants we evaluate software as part of our service. As part of the plan we sort through hundreds of products that are available and find the best ones for your needs.

Some software suites provide complete waste management solutions. Most of them, in fact, include route planning but that’s not all. There are tons of software suites available today that help your team keep track of the entire waste disposal procedure–from its generation through collection, storage and removal to the correct disposal sites.

Some of these products do provide a free trial version and often also come equipped with training via documents, live webinars and live online support. Each of these products can save a great deal of data, which can then be extracted and analyzed. Remember, you need software that is user friendly and not so complicated your field workers will struggle with.

Review the Reviews

Look for software that has relatively few issues reported on the reviews. Check whether users can log in from any smartphone or other device. Some have a useful notes section for internal communication and handy notification features.

Software solutions can be used in many different industries, but some have been designed specifically for the waste collection industry. There are those that are simpler and cheaper and are ideal for smaller companies needing fewer options. These ones are very simple to learn with minimal training but can still be used for all routing functions, billing and tracking.

Alternatively, there are more expensive but fully comprehensive options that are suitable for larger organizations. They are fully customizable and come with outstanding tech support throughout. The programs are more data intensive than the smaller ones, requiring a lot of information about customers, but with huge analytical capabilities.

Many of these bigger software suites throw in excellent training as part of the deal, along with documentation, webinars, and live online tech support. Although this type of software is more expensive than many other options, you do get a lot of value for your money.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to sift through all the software options out there. Waste routing software is usually complicated to implement into daily functioning and has a high failure rate. Waste collection projects are usually very complex. For instance, if your company is doing residential waste disposal, there will be thousands of individual stops needing to be plotted onto the route.

Certain roads have restrictions on vehicle size as well. For instance, in school areas your timing will need to be scheduled ahead of time. While route optimization software does lower the complexity and make it easier to make and change routes, it is difficult to set up and maintain.

This is where our company can help you. You can choose to talk with our experts about your route optimization implementation. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the best garbage route software solution for your budget.