There’s a huge amount of routing software for garbage disposal companies out there, but there are pros and cons to all of them. Here, we examine the software in general, and then go on to look in depth at two of the most popular routing applications that our experts at Route Optimization Consultants use all the time.

First, let’s take a quick look at some of the problems.

Disadvantages of Route Optimization Software

One of the biggest problems is that a lot of companies fail to use the software to its full potential. The software applications are good, and can help your company reduce its operating costs, labor hours and distances through route optimization. The applications aren’t simple though, and the software is complicated to implement. It’s difficult for the staff to adopt it into the daily operating routine.

Waste routing itself is highly complex and needs several different kinds of software algorithms. There isn’t really one application available that can cope with all kinds of waste routing in an effective manner.

Why You Need Optimization Software

Having pointed out the pitfalls involved with route optimization software, we’ll now tell you why you really do need it! The planning of solid waste collection for residential areas is more complex than planning routes for other services. More frequent stops and a repeated service cycle are just two examples.

You may also have very specific vehicle limitations and safety hazards to contend with. By using the software to help you optimize your garbage collection routes, you can generate increased efficiency, improved customer service, and better profits.

How We Can Help

We’re experienced waste collection routing software experts, and we can consult with you on this. Our team of experts has a great deal of experience with three out of four of the top routing applications on the market.

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Implementing new routes can pose a risk. Residential areas have a high population density, so any problems or disruptions will generate a lot of negative publicity. This means that it’s vital to get everything right when you make changes. Sure, you can purchase and begin implementing these software products on your own. But why not let our experts use their 16 years of experience help you?

Work with our team and have the peace of mind that your route optimizing amendments will run smoothly. Routing software for garbage trucks is just one of our specialties. Get in touch now for your free consultation.