The optimization of garbage truck routing is important for the solid waste disposal businesses. There are many software applications available to help you do this, but the trick is knowing which ones to use. Not only do they ensure the efficient running of your operation, but they also guarantee that it’s profitable.

On top of that, they are somewhat helpful in reducing environmental pollution by your fleet of vehicles. They’re helpful tools to support decision making too.

These programs are, however, only partially useful when they’re implemented in reality, and they do run into difficulties when dealing with road network constraints. Those that integrate geographic information systems (GIS) are better with this.

Defining the Terms

Let’s look at what we mean by “solid waste”. It’s basically all the unwanted material from industry or from household activities. Its management has become a huge environmental problem because of its negative impact on environmental systems and on society if not properly managed.

“Solid waste management” refers to the entire process of the generating, collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of the garbage. Adequate routing goes a long way to reducing operational costs and pollution.

“Solid waste collection” refers to the fetching and hauling of garbage from various sources and taking it to the place where the collection vehicles are emptied. This is the most labor-intensive and costliest part of the management procedure. It involves the use of trucks, so if the collection trucks are effectively routed, it can result in big savings. When we fail to apply scientific and technological interventions, the result is often expensive and inefficient collection procedures.

Profit and Loss

Current figures show that collecting and transporting alone makes up, on average, about 70% of the total cost of solid waste management. If collecting and transporting is inefficient it will therefore hugely affect your company’s operational costs, thereby dramatically reducing your profit. This shows that if sustainable solid waste management is your goal, cost reduction is essential.

These reductions can be achieved through system analysis and the maximization of operations. From there, ways can be determined that will bring about reductions in cost and, just as importantly, environmental conservation.

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