To stand apart from the competition, waste companies need to offer innovative services that keep costs down and increase efficiency. Garbage truck route optimization is the solution. With pickups at residences and business premises, excellent service on each route is crucial to success. One method of doing this is to utilize newer technologies, which include route optimization software.

Optimize with Software

Up until a few years ago, managers would have to personally sit down with a driver, a spreadsheet and a map to plan the best routes and times. This could all take hours. With new software, the driver can even plan the route himself. Onboard computers and mobile devices make it possible to access and adjust en route. Waste hauling companies can now save significant amounts of money and time because everything is now more flexible and streamlined.

Software developers are constantly updating the apps to keep up with customers’ demands and in order to remain compatible with other technologies. Software needs to offer solutions for different kinds of garbage removal, be it residential, recycling, commercial and more. All these lines of business need to be able to be planned and optimized by the same software suite.


Route optimization isn’t only about the software. It’s also about the people. The right people need to be assigned to the job of implementing the technology. Route supervisors aren’t always the best choice as they may not be used to working with advanced technology and may need extensive training before they can use it.

The Benefits

Once the software is in place and training has been completed, new contracts can be started quickly using balanced routes and service days. Addresses and container locations can be geo-coded so that the GPS systems can function optimally. Existing routes can be analyzed too. Managers gain total visibility of the entire fleet, so that they can check up on the route progress, keep the drivers accountable, provide better customer service and improve their fuel account. The real time truck tracking ensures that designated routes are actually completed.

Some software packages even offer solutions such as onboard computing that captures and monitors the truck’s load weight, its route status, its service completion and even the tire pressures and fuel consumption.

They provide real-time alerts in case of problems or emergencies. Some users say that the biggest challenge with the software is keeping up with the constant changes. Most software packages include ongoing tech support to allow for this. Thousands of waste collection companies now use these systems on a daily basis.

We Can Help You Optimize

Let Route Optimization Consultants help you automate your route processing so that you can enhance your efficiency, get real-time insight into driver behavior and improve the overall monitoring of the collection process.

We’ll help you find a fully comprehensive and fully integrated solution for your business, optimize the routing process with the best software available and reduce your maintenance and fuel costs. Let our experts help you choose and implement the correct solution for your garbage truck route optimization needs.